Devi Bhuyan, Psy.D.

Devi Bhuyan is a Senior Psychologist at the Menninger Clinic and Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX. She completed two Postdoctoral Fellowships; the first at at the International Beliefs and Values Institute (IBAVI) whose main mission is to explore the influence of beliefs and values on actions, practices, and policies. She completed her the second fellowship at The Baylor College of Medicine/ The Menninger Clinic’s Compass Young Adult Program . She received her doctoral degree in Clinical and School Psychology at James Madison University, Virginia in 2007 and was also Visiting Assistant Professor there.

Dr. Bhuyan’s previous professional experiences include capacity building of human resources and developing fund raising strategies for various non-profit organization. She has previously worked for non-profit organizations that have addressed (through research, counseling, training, and awareness raising) domestic violence and sexual abuse of women and children in India. She has also worked in higher education teaching graduate and undergraduate students and engaging in research and scholarly activities. Additionally, she has worked/trained in a variety of mental health institutions in India and the United States— serving a range of diverse populations by providing psychological services (psychological assessments and individual, family, and group psychotherapy) across the developmental and clinical spectrum.

Devi is very interested in integrating insights from psychology to address the global issues of our times. She remains involved with the IBAVI on a variety of projects in collaboration with a variety of interdisciplinary stakeholders. These initiatives focus on how beliefs and values about self and others are internalized and what implications they have at the larger group, societal, and global level. The aim is to understand the dynamics that influence leadership styles, transformative learning, and how the underlying factors that impact our worldviews. In collaboration with environmental activists and educators, she is currently working to enrich grass-roots environmental activism with psychologically informed perspectives that address concerns related to the realities of injustice, power, and privilege. Her clinical interests are in the areas of integrative psychotherapy, interdisciplinary practice, and the treatment of complex psychiatric disorders.