Craig N. Shealy, Ph.D.

Craig N. Shealy, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the International Beliefs and Values Institute ( and Professor of Graduate Psychology at James Madison University (  Dr. Shealy works with the IBAVI’s Executive and Advisory Boards to lead and coordinate a wide range of scholarly, educational, and service activities and partnerships with individuals and organizations in the United States and internationally, including Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self, a multi-year, multi-institution Summit Series hosted by James Madison University (; various research and applied projects from the Summit Series will be published in a forthcoming book that Dr. Shealy edits for Oxford University Press.

Dr. Shealy’s research on the etiology, maintenance, and transformation of beliefs and values – explicated through Equilintegration (EI) Theory, the EI Self, and the Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI) – has been featured in a wide range of publications and scholarly forums, including Making Sense of Beliefs and Values: Theory, Research, and Practice, a recent volume with Springer Publishing ( as well as invited presentations in the United States and internationally (e.g., Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT-Bombay, India; Centre for Dialogue at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia; Centre for the Sociology of Culture, Kazan State University, Russia; Hiroshima University, Japan).  

The BEVI is used in multiple settings and contexts (e.g., clinical, educational, forensic, international, leadership, organizational) as well as the six-year, multi-institution Forum BEVI Project, which assessed the processes and outcomes of international, multicultural, and transformative learning (  Drs. Shealy and Merry Bullock, Past Director of APA’s Office of International Affairs, also co-edit Going Global: How Psychology and Psychologists Can Meet a World of Need, a forthcoming volume from APA Books, which features the work of leading psychologists in the U.S. and internationally.

A licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Shealy is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, President (2017) of the American Psychological Association’s Division of International Psychology, a recipient of the Early Career Award from the American Psychological Association’s Division of Psychotherapy, a Madison Scholar at James Madison University, a Nehru Chair at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India, and a National Register Legacy of Excellence Psychologist.