The mission of IBAVI
is to explore beliefs and values and how they influence actions, policies, and practices around the world.

Our efforts promote

  • Conflict Resolution
    Conflicts are resolved through dialogue, reason, mutual understanding, and reconciliation.

  • Global Education
    Educational systems expose students of all ages to the perspectives and practices of individuals, groups, and cultures around the world.

  • Human Rights
    Regardless of power or status, individuals and groups are afforded equal access to educational, social, legal, political, and economic resources.

  • Religious and Cultural Understanding
    Tolerance and understanding supplant hatred and violence in matters of cultural difference and religious faith.

  • Sustainability
    Humans and societies strive to meet needs and pursue potential without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

This mission and the concomitant activities of the IBAVI
are deliberately pluralistic, critically-minded, and self-reflective, grounded in sound scholarship, and informed by reasoned dialogue. Working with colleagues, groups, institutions, and organizations around the world, the IBAVI addresses these issues through interdisciplinary research, education, practice, and professional exchange.