Usha Nayar, Ph.D.

Professor and (fmr.) Provost
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Mumbai, India

Usha Nayar received her Ph.D. in Child Psychology, University of Allahabad, Allahabad, in 1973. She is former Deputy Director of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. She has previously held positions as Head of the Unit for Child and Youth Research at TISS. Her areas of specialization are developmental social psychology; social research with a special focus on qualitative methodologies; social issues related to vulnerable and marginalized groups; media, information, and communication technology for the social sciences; capacity building of organizations and self-help groups; and building social capital in communities.

Dr. Nayar’s most recent research studies include: “Empowering Slum Communities in Mumbai: Understanding Participation of Children from Children’s Perspective” (An Asia Pacific Region study that includes India, Thailand, Australia, China, and Sri Lanka); “The Influence of Information and Communication Technologies on Children and Adolescents’ Life;” “New Information Technology and the Young Generation: Evolving Identities and Values in Mediated Environments;” “Building and Bridging Social Capital in Urban Slums Settings;” “Health Status of Adolescents and Youth in Greater Mumbai;” and “Social Development of Adolescents.”

Among other international board and consultancy roles, Dr. Nayar has contributed to the formulation of many policies in India, such as the National Youth Policy, National Policy for Population and Family Welfare, and the National Child Labor Policy.