Sergey Erofeev, Ph.D.

Professor and Director
Centre for the Sociology of Culture
Kazan State University
Kazan, Russia

A Professor of Sociology, Dr. Sergey Erofeev established and currently directs the Center for the Sociology of Culture at Kazan State University (KSU), one of the premier universities in Russia. As Centre director and former head of the international office at KSU, Dr. Erofeev has contributed to a number of cultural projects and policy development for the Republic of Tatarstan and the city of Kazan.

Dr. Erofeev is one of the early post-Soviet scholars in the social sciences to have received postgraduate education in the West. During the 2006-2007 academic year, he was selected as the first Humphrey Fellow from Russia and completed his fellowship at the University of Washington, where he specialized in organizational development and performance management in higher education.

A professionally trained concert pianist, Dr. Erofeev has wide experience in directing and coordinating international projects in research and curriculum development as well as a scholarly emphasis on internationalization and innovation through inter-disciplinary leadership and development. In his scholarly work as a sociologist, Dr. Erofeev focuses on the sociology of culture (conducting both theoretical and empirical research), media, the arts, and inter-ethnic communication.